Provider Training

Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. works with mental health providers and different professionals to help fulfill required training mandated by the Michigan Department of Community Health. TLC/CSI currently offers the following training programs:

First aid

CPR/AED for Adult, Child, and Infant: All of our instructors of this course are nationally certified. This training can be done on-site or at the Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. corporate office.

Gentle Teaching: We has three instructors qualified to teach professionals, caregivers, and mental health workers about Gentle Teaching and its philosophy.

What is Gentle Teaching? In short, Gentle Teaching is a philosophy that was created to help caregivers evaluate the emotional approach they use when working with marginalized individuals. Gentle Teaching shows caregivers how they can provide unconditional love and create a safe and nurturing environment for people who have been pushed to the edge of family or community life. The focus of Gentle Teaching is to teach marginalized individuals four essential feelings - safe, loved, loving, and engaged.

CPI (Crisis Prevention Intervention): This training is given to most staff by our certified trainers. 

Contact Us: For further information regarding our provider training program, including training time, and other services, please contact the Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. Training Department – call (866) 975-6382 and ask for human resources.