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Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Job Position Title Location
Care Monitor - LMSW Macomb County, Michigan
Child and Family Case Manager Flint, Michigan
Contractual Mental Health Therapist Flint, Michigan
Contractual Mental Health Therapist Owosso, Michigan
DCW Support Staff Calhoun County, Michigan
DCW Support Staff Shiawassee County, Michigan
Director of Behavioral Health Clinic - LMSW Owosso, Michigan
Mental Health Case Manager Flint, Michigan
Social Work Internship Flint, Michigan
Substance Use Therapist - SATP or SATS Owosso, Michigan
Support Coordinator Macomb County, Michigan
Team Leader- Home Manager Owosso, Michigan
Therapist - CSOTS Certified Owosso, Michigan
Therapist - DBT and Outpatient Flint, Michigan

Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. is a statewide provider of mental health services for people with mental illness, substance use disorders, or developmental disabilities. We work with individuals, couples, and families of all ages through a variety of settings, including case management, residential services, counseling and psychotherapy, group therapies, and supports coordination.

Each of our programs are staffed with a diverse group of individuals who work together to meet the needs of our consumers and their families. We strive to recognize employees and contractors for their good work as individuals and as a team. We believe every staff member helps the organization succeed no matter the size of his or her contribution to the organization.

"CSI recognized me as a new employee for my performance. I was very surprised, but happy to be recognized for learning my job even as a new hire. It meant a lot that they noticed my efforts." - Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. Employee

Beyond corporate recognition, we do appropriately compensate our staff for their job duties and experience. We also offer a competitive benefits package, including health, dental, and vision to eligible employees, as well as opportunities for continued professional development. 

"CSI is an excellent place to work. Always working on quality improvement - focused on the satisfaction of the consumers as well as employees/contractors. Thank you!" - Consumer Services, Inc. Contractor

To apply for a position within Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc., please fill out the online job application below. We screen and hold all applications and resumes for six months from the time of submission. Please do not contact the Human Resources Department to inquire about your application status.

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