Case Management

Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. provides a spectrum of services to individuals and families for a variety of needs; however, our case management program serves the most consumers. Our case management services are for consumers with a serious mental illness or developmental disability who require more help accessing proper treatment.

How Case Management Can Help
Before a consumer starts receiving treatment, he or she receives an assessment completed by either a Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. case manager or their local community mental health. During the assessment, one of our case managers will determine the consumer’s symptoms of mental illness or developmental disability; it is important for consumers to undergo an assessment so that we may give them proper help.

After the assessment, the case manager will meet with the consumer, and his or her support system, to learn the consumer’s goals and needs. Afterward, the case manager will write an Individual Plan of Service, which will include services and programs that will best help the consumer achieve their goals. Ultimately, we want to help our consumers achieve total community integration.

Once the case manager writes the Individual Plan of Service, he or she will begin to link, advocate, coordinate, and monitor the consumer with the support programs discussed in the Individual Plan of Service. The case manager may also help the consumer gain access to health and dental services, financial assistance, housing, employment, education, social services, and other services and natural supports as needed.

Qualifying for Case Management Services
In order to qualify to receive Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. case management services, a consumer must identify with at least one of the following criteria. Some consumers may need to meet multiple criteria in order to qualify:

  • Child with serious emotional disturbance
  • Adult with serious mental illness
  • Consumer with developmental disability
  • Consumer with co-occurring substance use disorders who have multiple service needs
  • Have a high level of vulnerability
  • Require access to a continuum of mental health services from a Prepaid Inpatient Health Plan (PIHP)
  • Unable to independently access and sustain involvement with needed services

After determining that a case manager is necessary, if possible, consumers will have the opportunity to choose which case manager he or she will use from a list of available, qualified case management staff.

Program Information
Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. case management services are available to residents in four different Michigan counties:

3169 Beecher Rd. 
Suite 203
Flint, MI 48532
Toll-free: (866) 975-6382

632 N. Shiawassee St
Owosso, MI 48867
(989) 723-0330

How much will services cost?
Fees for service are based on your ability to pay, and your health insurance coverage. Taylor Life Center/Consumer Services, Inc. accepts most private insurance and will verify coverage and co-pays upon initial contact.

Attention: If you are experiencing a crisis or want to hurt yourself, or someone else, please call 9-1-1 immediately.